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10 Best Things About Willa Holland

Willa Holland is an American actress voice actress and model she is known for her roles as Caitlyn cooper in the fox teen drama dosages Andrews in the CW series gossip girl and the queen speedy and arrow ever since

She was young she’s been working on-stop in her downtime she does voice-over work for a video game series Willa holland has positioned herself as a young talent to watch in Hollywood there’s a lot more to know about this star.


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Willa Holland


1. Early Life

Willa Holland was born on 1999-06-18 in L.A. California her father Keith holland is a well-known cinematographer her mother Darnell Gregorio de Palma is a famous actress she has an elder sister Brianna holland in 1995 the actress’s mother married director brian de Palma with whom.

She has a daughter piper de Palma she went to canter canyon elementary school in Los Angeles California and later studied at paul revere charter middle school. She went to palisades charter high school but left shortly after joining.


2. She Started Out As A Model

Willa holland started her career at the age of 7 as a model.

Willa Holland was playing at her step father’s neighbor’s house in the Hamptons new york the neighbor Steven Spielberg was filming home videos and told holland’ parents you’ve got to put her in front of the camera upon returning to Los Angeles.

That September Willa Holland signed with ford’s modeling agency at age 7 and immediately booked a shoot for Burberry she is modeled for guests gap Abercrombie and fitch and ralph Lauren.


3. Acting Career

First, an acting career in 1999 de Palma took Holland to a theatrical talent agency since then she has appeared in many national commercials during 2001.


Willa Holland


When Willa Holland was 10 she worked alongside her cinematographer father in ordinary madness her big part came when she landed the role of Caitlyn cooper the initially as a recurring character in season three replacing Shailene Woodley.

But then as a regular in season four.


4. She Took A Year-Long Sabbatical

Rolland admits that her acting schedule is grueling as soon as the OC ended she took on more roles.

She then traveled the world to make some films but they all flew under the radar and were not hits she played colin firth’s daughter in the movie Genovain 2008.

Also in 2008, she starred in the coming of age comedy middle of nowhere which also starred Susan Sarandon after a couple more films. Willa Holland was exhausted and took a year-long sabbatical to figure some things out she said

“I was literally non-stop for three or four years from about the age of Fourteen to about Eighteen, Nineteen, and then right before I turned 20. I was like, I need a break.”


5. She Does Voice Acting For Video Games

Willa Holland has been known not just for her acting but also for doing voiceovers for video games in 2006.

Holland lent her voice to scarface the world is yours was so successful that she reprised her voice for aqua and kingdom hearts birth by sleep.


6. Singing

Singing in addition to her work on tv and video games she’s also featured on the soundtrack to the spies john skateboarding film pretty sweet in fact.

She sang and played the ukulele on the album which was released on iTunes in 2013. She said

“It’s seriously such a rough edit: it’s insane. I couldn’t believe He {john’s} put it on iTunes. I was like, ‘Are you kidding? Oh my god’ My voice sounds so bad.”


7. She Literally Learned To Play The Piano For A Role

Holland literally took the concept of getting into character to an entirely new height. Willa Holland took the role in summer in genoa while she took the role she did not have the ability to play the piano.

But she committed to learning how to play and this commitment to excellence helped her nail the role her connections in some of Hollywood’s power hitters like de Palma have definitely served her well in understanding. The importance of proper preparation.


8. She Has Wanted A Written off Since Season Four

She has wanted a written off since season four in 2012 she starred in the arrow she played the queen who was turned into a Rebellious socialite.

When her playboy brother disappeared for five years it was Holland’s choice to leave the series sometimes actors feel the need to move on to different roles and no one can fault them for that the actress has been wanting out of the arrow verse since the end of season four she exited. The shows in season six


9. Net Worth

Willa started her career as a model at a very young age she has since appeared in movies and tv shows like ordinary Madness Genova legion the of gossip girls and most notably an Arab.

Willa Holland currently has a net worth of 5 million dollars thanks to her rocketing career.


10. Future Project

A future project in the future she wants to get behind the camera holland wants to direct and possibly even star in her own film based on the story.

“When my mom told me, I was like, If there’s any story that I was born to tell I think it was this.”



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