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10 Things About Anna Faris

Anna Faris got her big break in the horror-comedy parody scary movie back in 2000 and she’s managed to build up a pretty impressive career in Hollywood thanks to her comedic talents despite the fact that she’s been famous for a good part of her adult life.


10 Best Things About Anna Faris

There isn’t a whole lot that is known about the mom star which is why we have collected these 10 things to help you get to know her better


1. Born To Be A Comedic Performer

When Anna Faris was young she would perform a comedy routine with her retainer who she nicknamed Alex he was British and she would pretend to go on talk shows with him.

Anna Faris told Conan O’Brien

“He was so much smarter than I went on Phil Donahue and I would put Alex on my knee and I would sit in front of the mirror he would help me with everything.”

Anna Faris would also stage murder mystery parties with her Barbie dolls she said

“One barbie would die and the rest of the Barbie would have to figure out who the killer was it was usually peaches and cream-Anna Faris like a southern belle Barbie.”


2. Getting Into Acting

Her parents encouraged her to act from a young age and enrolled her in a community drama class for kids

When Anna Faris was nine she landed her first professional acting performance in a three-month run of Arthur miller’s play danger memory at the Seattle repertory theater.

Anna Faris was paid 250 dollars for her work well in high school she performed on stage with a Seattle repertory company in a nationally broadcast radio place and she also began landing commercial work.

Anna Faris first appeared in a frozen yogurt tv-commercial and then in a commercial for red robin after high school she attended the University of Washington and earned a degree in English literature even though she really loves acting. Anna Faris never really considered it a full-time job


3. She Once Wore Purple Gloves For The Three-Month Period

When anna Ferris was around eight years old she wore purple gloves for a three-month period why so she couldn’t leave her fingerprints anywhere and be framed for murder by unknown parties. What eight-year-old thinks like that.


4. Divorce

She was married to actor be Nindra they met on the set of the 1999 indie flick lovers lane and were married in 2004.according to anna one reason that her marriage failed was that her career took off but ben stalled.

“The divide became too great.”

She told Marie clairin 2007 she filed for divorce the following year their divorce was settled and part of the settlement meant that she had to pay him nine hundred thousand dollars in addition to splitting. Their property and paying him acting royalties.


5. Wild Phase

After her divorce from behind a Ferris went through a phase where she partied hard.

Anna Faris told mary claire

“I was like F-ck it,  I’ve got nothing to lose nobody to support.”

“I wore the same Garfield shirt and jeans for three weeks I had a running joke with my friend I hope somebody roofies me tonight I didn’t care what people thought.”

It didn’t take long. However for her to tire of this lifestyle and abandon it altogether.


6. Plastic Surgery

When she started the movie the house bunny she got collagen lip injections to give her that centerfold look.

Anna Faris ended up regretting it because it was supposed to be temporary and it ended up taking a while for the pouty lips to disappear entirely she also wore a seriously padded bra that made her look busty which she liked when filming wrapped.

She got breast implants to extend that feeling and also had botox to get rid of the few wrinkles she had.


7. Career Struggles

Ferris was up for the role of Elizabeth Housley in the bad teacher but it was given to Cameron Diaz when it comes to auditioning.

She finds that she’s usually sixth or seventh in line to read a script and more established actresses like Rhys Weatherspoon Cameron Diaz Natalia port mandate Hudson Catherine hyjal and anna Hathaway are always ahead of her.


8. She Regularly Punks Her Mom

Every couple of months and sends her mom a postcard of a risky pin-up girl bearing a note on the back that says something like

“Hey mom trying to make it as an actress in la met this great photographer and he says I’m going to be a star.”

Obviously. She’s not being serious she just does it to make her mom laugh and also to embarrass her when the mailman delivers it to her.


9. Anna Faris Was Once Too Funny For A Role

When anna Ferris auditioned for the role of claire in six feet under the creator alan ball kept laughing through the audition Ferris wasn’t even trying to be funny but the ball couldn’t hold back the laughter.

That’s why the role went to Lauren ambrose in stea Danna Ferris wasn’t the right fit for the role because she was just too funny.


10. The Real House Bunny

The comedic actress originally wanted the house bunny to be about a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner who got kicked out of the playboy mansion.

Because she won’t sleep with him and then returns to her small Christian town and becomes a meth addict when she suggested.

This to Karen McCullough lutz and Christine kiwi smith the writers of legally blonde and 10 things I hate about you they suggested.

That it be about a sorority house mom instead of a meth addict so that it would be more commercially viable Ferris McCullough and smith pitched.

The house bunny 19 times before Adam Sandler’s production company happy madison picked it up Ferris had to wait in a lobby for Sandler to passthrough so that she could quickly pitch the idea and he loved her synopsis it also didn’t hurt that she was wearing a mini skirt.


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