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9 Things About Joshua Bassett

Joshua Bassett is one of Disney’s rising stars he may be most famous for playing Ricky in the high school musical, the musical the series but he’s already establishing himself as an artist outside of the show.

He had minor roles in grey’s ana to my dirty john the short film limbo and a few other projects at just 20 years old basset has already gained over 1million followers on Instagram and his fan base is growing every day.


9 fun facts that you may not know about Joshua Bassett


1. He Has Five Sisters

Joshua Bassett was born on 22-12-2000 in oceanside California he spent most of his life where he’s the middle child in the family between all the sisters all of his sisters have a passion for dancing and they taught him how to dance.

When he had two for the high school musical, the musical the series.


2. High School Musical Was The First Production He Was Ever Cast In

Bassett began his career as a child artist at seven years old with the theater show. His first theater role was JV sock number two in a stage production of a high school musical since then he has been in over 30 musicals who would have thought 10 years later.

He would land a lead role in the Disney plus hit show from community theatre to breakout star asset is proof that if you get your head in the game anything is possible.


3. Joshua Bassett Is A Huge Fan of The Original High School Musical

After growing up in the musical theater world and getting cast in the high school musical. The musical series Bassett is obviously a huge fan of the original high school musical and knows all of the songs he watched the movies all the time growing up.


4. He Starred In Commercials

Joshua Bassett was everyone’s dream prom date and looked dapper in a tux Bassett has appeared in quite a lot of commercials he has played a teen who sneaks out and gets caught a prom date and so much more Bassett has also starred in some short films.


5. He Was In A Few Episodes of Stuck In The Middle

He previously played a recurring role in the Disney channel stuck in the middle he played Aiden peters a recurring character who played Harley’s boyfriend Anneli Peters’s cousin this was his first appearance in a Disney production.


6. He Is A Huge Fan of Hillary Duff

The actor has talked about duff in multiple interviews in an interview with a briefcase he said he has loved the actress-singer since he was eight years old. They even had a brief meeting at d23 and she told him she was a big fan.


7. He Improvised Ricky’s Speech In The High School Musical In The Musical The Series Season One

Final Joshua Bassett improvised all of Ricky’s speech to Tankini in the high school musical.

The musical the series season one finale speaking to e.Toliver Rodrigo revealed

“Joshua just improvised the most beautiful monologue and he didn’t tell me that he was going to improvise it and so they got my reaction to him improvising this beautiful monologue on camera.”


8. He Is A Singer And Songwriter

Joshua Bassett sings all of Ricky’s songs in the high school musical. The musical the series he also co-wrote just for a moment with his co-star Olivia Rodrigo and he’s since co-written all of his own singles as an artist to date.

Joshua Bassett also knows how to play three instruments piano, guitar, and drums In his car.


9. He Wrote The Song Common Sense While Driving

It’s obvious that Joshua is clearly multi-talented. But he’s quite the multi-tasker to believe it or not he came up with the lyrics and voice recorded the entire track while driving and then hammered out the guitar chords in the parking lot of a mall.



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