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10 Things About Anya Taylor Joy

Anya Taylor joy is quickly making a name for herself in Hollywood after making her name as a modern indie scream queen in the which and split Anya Taylor joy is branching out to period drama as she hits cinema screens in jane Austen adaptation Emma and more films on the way in 2020 including her first superhero role and Marvels.

The new mutants where she’ll be seen alongside a game of Thrones Maisie Williams tamer joy is fierce and charming at the same time she’s an incredibly talented actor and she is set to become a major player in Hollywood.


10 Things About Anya Taylor Joy


1. She Refused To Speak English For Two Years

Born in Miami and raised in Argentina until the age of six tears joy is the youngest of six siblings when she moved to London.

She initially refused to speak English for two years she said

“I wanted to go home and in my six seven-year-old mentalities I thought my parents would have to take me back if I didn’t speak the language.”

But her cunning plan failed and attending an international school only one other kid spoke Spanish.

She slowly unwillingly picked up the local lingo.


2. First Audition

The first audition of Taylor Joyce’s career was for maleficent where she went out for the younger versions of Angelina Jolie’s character for an interview with BuzzFeed.

She said

“It was my first experience of rejection like true rejection and it was Disney which for me was like oh my god even though I looked nothing like Angelina Jolie I definitely cried for a very long time after that happened.”


3. Dropping Out of School

Anya Taylor joy is an inspiration to anyone who is committed to doing what they love she never had a plan B in life she was always committed to becoming a successful actor when she was 14.

She used her savings to move to New York and at 16 she left school to pursue acting she wrote her parents an essay and why she’s dropping out of school to focus on her acting career.


4. She Thought She Was About To Get Kidnapped 

She thought she was about to get kidnapped after dropping out of school, she was scouted by a modeling agency the scouting happened on the streets and Taylor joy thought she was about to get kidnapped

“So basically I was 16 and I wanted to wear my mum’s heels because I had a party and I was practicing. So I take my dog for a walk and I see this car and it seems to be following me.”

“So I speed up to pick up the dog and then start running and then this guy sticks his head out of the window and goes. If you stop you won’t regret it and I stopped.”

The car contains storm modeling agency founder Sarah Douk as the same scout who plucked Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne from the streets.


5. Break-Out Role

The break-out role for Anya Taylor Joy. Modeling was merely an avenue to get into acting her opportunity came when she got into a shoot with the actors of Downton Abbey.

She hit it off with the actor Alan leach and she told him about her acting ambitions leach set her up with the acting agent who helped her hooker Break an acting role in 2015.

Mystery horror film – which it’s a film set in the 1630s New England about a family accusing their eldest daughter – Mason about the craft.


6. Awards

The recognition and nomination started coming just after Anya Taylor Joy first film she bagged best female newcomer by Empire at British magazine as well as the Seattle Film Critics Award for Best youth performance

She also won the Fangoria chainsaw Award for Best Actress for her role as Tom Mason, Anya Taylor Joy was just getting started


7. She Seems To Like Starring In Thrillers

Anya Taylor joy seems to enjoy appearing in dark-themed movies after her breakthrough appearance in which she went on to appear in films and shows

Such as split mini a tourist and thoroughbreds according to her, she didn’t plan to exclusively appear in such films it just turned out that she was good at playing those characters.


8. She Was Bullied In School

Anya’s decision to quit school was partially influenced by the fact that she was bullied school Anya was bullied because of her eyes which are set far apart than most people the bullying didn’t really affect her until it spread to social media one of the first Facebook photos Vanya Taylor joy was tagged in was a picture of a fish.

“I must have been about 10 or 11 I was so confused I went to my parents like why I don’t understand my sister’s sort of piped up is because your eyes are really far apart you look like a fish it was the most horrifying feeling.”

“I’m now suddenly aware of something that I can’t ever be unaware of.”


9. Her First On-Screen Kiss

Anya Taylor Joy’s first onscreen kiss was actually with James McAvoy and split. She explained the experience

“It was an odd first kiss to have considering he was playing my captor and I had to have my eyes open the whole time while he was pretending to be like a 9-year-old boy.”


10. Her Biggest Fear

Anya Taylor Joy’s biggest fear is revolving doors in an interview with w magazine.

She said

“Revolving doors have always freaked me out I am Not even claustrophobic it’s just the speed that it’s going around and I’m consistently worried that I’m not going to make it out it’s gonna cut me in half or something.”

“I mean people around me will literally seemed just tense up and hold my hands and be like it’s fine I’m going through the door and I’m out.”



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