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10 Things About Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien is known for his lead role as Thomas and dystopian science-fiction adventure trilogy The Maze Runner and Stiles Stilinski and the MTV hit supernatural drama Teen Wolf.

He is quickly becoming Hollywood’s next big thing so if you aren’t already familiar with the swimwear the young star. we’ve got everything you need to know to take a look at these.


 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dylan O’Brien


1. Diverse Childhood

One of the things that are often discussed when the topic of child-rearing comes up is stability but growing up Dylan O’Brien had anything.

But stability at least when it came to staying put he has literally lived all over the country.

Dylan O’Brien was born in New York City and he spent a significant part of his early childhood growing up in New Jersey but that didn’t last because his family ended up moving to California by the time he was 12.


2. He Had A Three Year Period Where He Had No Friends

According to Dylan O’Brien the move to California left him without any real friends for the first three years it is hard to imagine someone.

So outgoing not being able to meet people and build friendships but for people who have been to both New York and Los Angeles.

It is not hard to understand why the two cities are like oil and water it would definitely take some adjusting to he said the only friends.

He had was the show friendships first celebrity crush considering the fact that he has seen every episode of friends at least 11 times it should be of no surprise. 


3. His A First Celebrity Crush

Jennifer Aniston was his first celebrity crush, when you literally see a woman that beautiful 2 to 3 times per day it’s easy to see how her image became seared into his brain plus who would want to shake that image.


4. Before Acting

Before he was on Teen Wolf playing everyone’s favorite sidekick style, he produced directed and started a number of comedic short films.

Which he released through his personal youtube channel movie kid 8:00 to 6:00. He made skits with his friends made fake music videos and even asked a girl out to prom through his videos.


5. Film Making Runs In His Blood

Dylan O’Brien’s desire to be on the big screen was hardly a surprise both his parents have successful careers in the film industry.

His mother worked as an actress and runs her own acting school while his father works as a Hollywood camera operator before getting hit by the acting bug.

He planned to attend film school and become a cinematographer just like his father but once he landed the role of Stiles on Teen Wolf he decided to put off school.


6. He Never Imagined He’d Be A Star

He never thought he’d be a professional performer yet here he is growing up in New Jersey in California the actor told Entertainment Weekly

“I was very shy I would take piano lessons but would never perform in the recitals”

his Maze Runner the Scorch Trials co-star Patricia Clarkson describes him as a natural she explains to e w

“He has a great emotional depth and he has great humor some young actors struggle with one or the other and I think they’re both easy for him he has emotions at his fingertips”


7. His Loyalty And Friendship

Whenever a bride gets asked what similarities he has with his character styles. He seems to always respond with loyalty both Styles and Dylan O’Brien are extremely loyal to their friends

It would do anything for them we love how close the cast of Teen Wolf is with one another, we especially love the bromance between Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey.

The two are best friends and have great chemistry both on and off the screen when you’re put in the same room as the two of them.

You’ll be doubled over laughing for our Dylan O’Brien is so friendly and accepting of others that he easily makes everyone feel like they’re his friend.


8. He Loves Baseball

Dylan O’Brien loves baseball and is a die-hard New York Mets fan he’s admitted time and time again that he is indeed when it comes to baseball in his spare time he updates his fantasy baseball team and checks up on the latest met stats.


9. He Intended To Play Scott

Although he provides much-needed comedic relief on Teen Wolf as Stiles he wasn’t originally up for the endearing role in May 2011 he told Seventeen magazine.

“I was supposed to audition for Scott but I asked to audition for Styles instead”

“I was reading the script I was supposed to be reading Scott but I couldn’t help but keep wanting to read the Stiles parts I was just like this guy is freaking awesome and I knew myself and how I come off and I’m Way more like Stiles than I am Scott”


10. On-Set Accident

Onset accident in March 2016 Dylan O’Brien has seriously injured on the set of The Maze Runner the death cure while shooting a car chase sequence sustaining a facial injury and brain trauma.

That resulted in the film’s production being postponed the incident left the Teen Wolf actor shaken uncertain if he could return to acting at all he explained to the vulture.

“I really was in a dark place there for a while and it wasn’t an easy journey back. There was a time there where I didn’t know if I would ever do it again and that thought scared me, too.”

Brian eventually did return and began filming other projects before resuming filming for the last installment of the Mazie Runner series.



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