Anime’s 5 Most Hilarious and Memorable Moments

Anime is a very popular complement in large part for its ability to touch multiple genres and attract a variety of fanbases. But most anime also has a happy heart, and it is these moments that make even the most hidden series memorable, thoughtful writing and characters completely sidelined. Sometimes it’s just one funny moment in a series that draws everyone’s attention, creating memes and years of YouTube clips.

That one moment can be a particular scene, a certain character, sometimes, or an entire episode. Almost the entire anime series from the past to the present has at least one minute like this that has spoken to the entire fandom community. From FLCL to Tenchi Muyo to Sailor Moon, here are some funny moments in anime that still have funny fans.

The Puppet Show In Maison Ikkoku Was An Accidental Hit

Manga celebrity Rumiko Takahashi is world famous for Urusei Yatsura, Ranma ½ and especially his megahit Inuyasha series. Although the Takahashi series of the 1980s Maison Ikkoku has never found the same success as his other career since then, it is still an old religion. While Maison Ikkoku is talking about an upcoming age story, he is still obsessed with Takahashi’s funny jokes and notorious bones.

Of all the funny moments in Maison Ikkoku, no one had a whole generation of anime fans rolling down the aisle as a puppet show in Episode 15 of the anime. In the episode, lead actor Yusaku Godai participates in his stage performance at the school festival. At one point, her young apartment manager, Kyoko Otonashi, is rumored to be taking on the role of the princess of love for the prince of Gododa in the play.

Unable to contain his romantic feelings for Kyoko, Yusaku ends up interrupting the game by breaking a character every time Kyoko’s princess expresses her prince’s love. By not following the script, both Kyoko and another female actor were forced to do injuries to keep the game going, much to the annoyance of both of them. An unintended joke that came out of Yusaku’s youth unknowingly led to the first beating of the cartoon club.

Minako’s Pure Heart In Sailor Moon S Is Surprisingly Vain

The classic Sailor Moon anime from the 1990s is a loose version of Naoko Takeuchi’s popular fiction. While most of the old anime focuses on imaginative storytelling and character development, Sailor Moon is especially thriving in comedy. This means that the old anime is full of humor, many of which include Minako Aino, Sailor Venus.

While Venus can fill the entire Top 5 list alone, the moment that puts it at the top of the crowd list comes from episode 109. Throughout Season 3 (or Sailor Moon S), both Sailor Guardians and Wizards 5 seek out three ghosts that are believed to contain some kind of special power. Witches 5 try to find talismans by removing heart crystals from talisman owners.

Prior to episode 109, all the Inner Guardians had their crystals in their hearts except Minako, which made them doubt his innocence. When Eudial of the Witches 5 finally identifies Minako with her crystal heart, Minako has a brief moment where she rubs her cheeks before running away with her crystal heart. This strange behavior frightens Eudial, who is not accustomed to seeing anyone happy with the theft of his heart.

Mecha Washu Almost Destroys The World In Tenchi Universe

Tenchi Muyo! it was a very popular franchise in the US in the early 2000s, especially for its female characters. While the OVA series is a major canon of Tenchi, the most popular version of Tenchi among American fans was the TV series Tenchi Universe. Like most anime 1990s, it is also a way to fit into the OVA series with more emphasis on humor than storytelling.

One of the most memorable anime episodes is Episode 8 “No Need for a Genius.” In the clip, the self-proclaimed Washu makes his robotic clone to help with his funny stuff. When he tries to replicate his personality in the robot AI, things go awry when Mihoshi gets involved in an accident.

Instead of ending with Washu’s ingenuity, the robot resembles Mihoshi’s scattered personality. As a result, the lives of everyone in Tenchi’s house are in jeopardy as soon as the robot clone accidentally puts up more Sinhu’s day equipment. The disaster lasts for an episode until the team calculates how to shut down the robot.

Haruko’s Debut In FLCL Is Downright Absurd

If there is an anime franchise that deserves its list of iconic, absurd moments, it is the original FLCL OVA since the early 2000s. FLCL is an exciting series for comparisons and, therefore, often makes the point of finding stupidity, even taking the whole first episode to market audiences on that basis.

Episode 1 of FLCL introduces viewers to 12-year-old Naota Nandaba, and his friend Mamimi Samejima, his older brother’s girlfriend. Naota was just doing her daily routine when she was accidentally attacked by a mysterious woman at Vespa. That woman later introduces herself as Haruko Haruhara.

At first, Haruko panicked that he might have killed the baby and revealed that he was joking. He then resuscitated Naota with “CPR” and immediately struck him on the head with his guitar. This causes a mysterious lump to grow on his forehead until an unknown robot appears, leading Haruko to decide to have sex with Naota and her family as their living maid. The other series plays exactly the same as the first episode.

Drunk Siesta Gets Messy In The Detective Is Already Dead

Detective Already Dead (pronounced Tanmoshi) is a new anime series based on light novels by author Nigojū and artist Umibouzu. While the popularity of the series is still low in the US due to the majority.


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