Dragon Ball: Could Goku And Vegeta Learn to Use Gotenks’ Most Bizarre Attacks?

Dragon Ball.” One of the fiercest battles in Dragon Ball Z was between Super Saiyan Gotenks which is a combination of Super Buu which is the ultimate fate of the universe. In addition to revealing his Super Saiyan 3 transformation, Gotenks boasted of a truly bizarre attack – it was supposed to be a combined hero with two young boys, Trunk and Goten – who emerged from their childhood imagination in building tactics.

With the raw but active color, the question remains as to whether the shocking attacks of Gotenks can be learned by other Z Fighters, including his father Goku and Vegeta, and incorporated into their combat methods.

Among the fighting tactics revealed by the Gotenks against Super Buu, for the first time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, was a tactic of trapping Buu and the visual attacks that successfully saw Gotenks build his army. Saiyan’s first method was named the Galactic Donut, and the Gotenks built an electric ring belt to capture his opponent, and on one occasion, he completely integrated Buu into the construction of a temporary volleyball ball and knocked him to the ground.

The second process was a Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, Gotenks hitting his ghost doppelgänger which exploded when he came in contact with the person he was targeting.

The Dalactic Donut within it is also not the most unique approach to the Gotenks agency, in the sense of soldiers using force bands to prevent their opponents from appearing across the franchise before. Majin Vegeta used power bands to hold Goku on the rock during their fight, and Vegeta was able to strengthen the bonds and increase their pressure explicitly.

During the Dragon Ball Super manga series, Gohan appears to use his own kind of Galactic Donut attack in a failed attempt to contain Moro when the supreme magician came to Earth. Similarly, Super Buu repeats the Galactic Donut attack on Gohan during DBZ after absorbing the Gotenks.

Ghost Kamikaze Attack is very rare and has only been seen a few times on DBZ and in the illegal anime film Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. The idea of ​​a warrior creating duplicates was first revealed by Tien towards the end of the first Drag Ball but the Ghost Kamikaze Attack takes you in a completely different way, depending on the flare of ghosts and each taking the idea for themselves. Dragon Ball.

Super Buu is making progress in this process after absorbing the Gotenks, with its ghostly attack lungs like Kamehameha Wave and Masenko. However, these are the only characters that have ever been officially shown to be making any Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack variations so far.

Goku and especially Vegeta are both likely to dismiss the possibility of using Ghost Kamikaze Attack themselves, preferring to enter the war on their own rather than giving dirty work ghost repetitions. Vegetables would probably see the whole thing as a minority of kids he wouldn’t have time for anywhere.

Galactic Donut is a way for Vegeta to express its uniqueness and is readable before and stands out as a very common attack that Z Figher would have used and done before. And while it has been some time since Gotenks made a canonical appearance, I hope that in the future it will come up with a whole host of new, innovative ideas. Dragon Ball.


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