Jujutsu Kaisen’s Bad Guys Deserve a Flashback Arc

Jujutsu Kaisen’s current opponents, Kenjaku and Sukuna, have been shrouded in mystery since they were first introduced. Although very little is known about them, they are among the most popular characters in the series. Both are directly involved in the series, as Yuji Itadori is a vessel for Sukuna and Kenjaku’s son. It is believed that Kanjaku and Sukuna both lived during Heian’s time in Japanese history, making them more than 1,000 years old.

There have been many plans already in place for the passing of both people. Fans have a lot of questions, and the best way to answer them is with a flashback arc. Jujutsu Kaisen already has two of these: Cursed Child and Star Plasma Vessel arcs, both of which produced a few large letters. That is why Sukuna and Kenjaku deserve the same treatment.

Earlier in Jujutsu Kaisen, Satoru Gojo told Yuji that Ryomen Sukuna was known as a powerful thinking god, but he was actually a real person. Sukuna lived as a human being more than 1,000 years ago, in the golden age of jujutsu. In Japanese history, this was in Heian’s time. He is the undeniable King of curses and has such great power that the witches could not destroy his body completely after his death. Thus, Sukuna was able to go through the years as the various curses with his fingers, which were closed in the graveyard, became stronger all the time.

Meanwhile, Kenjaku’s main goal for Jujutsu Kaisen is in part to revive the golden age of jujutsu, meaning he too was alive at the time. However, it is not clear if that is the time he started or whether he is probably too old. It would be interesting to see what the lives of Kenjaku and Sukuna were like a thousand years ago, and why this period is known as the golden period of Jujutsu.

The fact that Sukuna was once a human being raises many questions. The retrospective arc can explore why it became a cursed spirit and why. As he is now, Sukuna the King of Curses has a bad body, but he probably never was. If so, it may be interesting to see what made him so reckless and aggressive.

Kenjaku’s cursed process allows him to control human bodies by placing his brain in a target. Noritoshi Kamo was known as the most famous witch in history a hundred years ago, but it was actually Kenjaku who controlled her body. He brutally tried both people and curses while trying to put them together. Choso and his brothers at Jujutsu Kaisen have emerged from this. Yuji may have been a tempter himself, considering Kenjaku controlling the corpse of an older woman and Jin Itadori.

Sukuna and Kenjaku have the potential to be beloved Jujutsu Kaisen characters. There are many interesting mysteries around that can make the arc of flashback fun. Yuji being the son of Kenjaku and Sukuna’s boat made the opportunity for such a story very attractive. No wonder manga fans don’t trust just one – they expect that.


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