Ava 2020 Action And Crime Movie

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A black-ops assassin is forced to fight for her own survival after a job goes dangerously wrong.

 Jessica Chastain plays Ava, an assassin working for a mysterious company who doesn't really appreciate the fact that she talks to her targets. When she begins questioning herself, she goes home to see her family and ends up in a struggle for her life.

Ava is the main focus of the movie, but we also get introduced to her mother, sister, ex-boyfriend, and handler throughout the movie. Each has its own issues with Ava, but the one closest to her is Duke, her handler and trainer. Her mother is in the story for really no reason other than backstory for Ava's character.

The sister, Judy, is a little more involved with her overall and might be the closest thing to a full secondary character. The ex-boyfriend, Michael, comes in a close third. There are no deep character connections in this movie, but the characters all do a good job moving the story forward.

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