My Hero Academia: How Do Students Like Toru Hagakure & Mezo Shoji Get Into U.A.’s Heroics Course?

My Hero Academia is thinking about a future where almost everyone has their usual Quirk, but it is not the Quirks that make people created to be Pro Hero or great bosses. It’s about the heart and will of man, and schools like the U.A. teach students to develop their skills and minds alike. However, not all Quirks are equal by nature.

Even if the whole U.A. Applicants are convinced that he is a real hero, some of whom do not have Quirks who do damage in order to succeed, which can lead to purification as a Gentle Criminal. There is a U.A. a few current. students who entered the school despite having non-violent Quirks, asking the question of how they passed the physical entry test. Let’s take a look at how students like Toru Hagakure, Mezo Shoji, and others may be getting into heroism classes. My Hero Academia.

What Is My Hero Academia’s U.A. Entrance Exam?

With the aim of showcasing the power of Izuku Midoriya as a melee hero and One For All, My Hero Academia conducted an entry test that focused almost entirely on the strengths and properties of the Quirks. In this study, the U.A.

the youngest hopefuls had to face the big robots and finish them off, and characters like Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugo, and Juga Aoyama deserved the challenge. Ochaco can also control it by removing debris and throwing it at robots, while Izuku, stole the show while making Smash protect him. But such tests do not make room for only supporting characters such as Toru Hagakure and Mezo Shoji, and especially Hitoshi Shinso from the mainstream department.

The U.S. test was very clear to consider the Izuku in mind (from a meta-perspective) and there is no solid universal reason for designing an entry test like this. Admittedly, the tests may have been very different in previous years, but this year, Toru and Muzo passed, although their Quirks did not have enough work to do. Class 1-B also has students who will struggle, such as the mushroom girl Kinoko Komori.

My Hero Academia’s account focuses heavily on Izuku and Ochaco, and it doesn’t really show how the support characters — the Quirkists — passed the test. It was easily smoked, inviting the possibility that Muzo, Kinoko, and Toru may have entered the heroes’ department through other channels. My Hero Academia.

How Do Support-Quirk Students Get Into U.A.’S Heroics Course?

U.A. they will surely understand that the Quirks are very different, especially in this day and age, as the MHA world is approaching the unity of the Quirk. Many Quirks can be of help to Pro Heroes and search and rescue professionals, but those like Mezo Shoji’s Dupli-Arms are not capable of hitting large robots, nor have they been able to pull out an equal-size opponent.

The school will unfairly and unfairly reject such students if the physical examination determines everything, so it is possible that U.S. staff will look for special candidates and give them an alternative to the heroes’ department.

This could be the way Shota Aizawa, from U. alumnus, went into the heroes’ department because his Erasure Quirk can’t hurt anything. Perhaps the school wanted Kinoko, Mezo, and Toru to pass a written entrance test and then did independent tests to prove their strength with their Quirks.

Hitoshi Shinso might have done this with a vision, but he started My Hero Academia in the technology department, only wanting to get into the heroes ’department later. Maybe he just chose not to take special tests, because he did not feel qualified even to try. Or maybe he took a special test but failed, and then joined the heroes department later when Aizawa became his mentor.

This will also explain how Pro Heroes as harmless as Uwabami become experts. Mine can’t deal with damage easily – instead, he seeks victims with his Serpentress Quirk and finds hidden criminals who can be caught by the police and other heroes.

Whatever school he graduated from, we allowed him to enroll even though he had a pacifistic Quirk, and certainly a U.A. it has the same clause. Otherwise, Uwabami will never have the opportunity to use his unique and life-saving talents. U.A. has high standards in My Hero Academia, but it’s certainly not wrong.


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