One Piece: Whole Cake Island Is Still The Best in The Series

“One Piece.” At first glance, the Whole Cake Island from One Piece looks like an amazing legend. Food-inspired design, bright colors, and aesthetics are a wonderful combination of the things that the eyes can eat. The islanders have many reasons to enjoy and benefit from a high standard of living, but there is no denying that the island can be equally scary. One Piece

As beautiful as it may seem to be, it is a pleasure to live in Whole Cake Island – or even in Totto Land as a whole – such beauty can only exist more. First, taxes are not paid in cash. The price a person has to pay for such a comfortable life should be a fraction of their soul, which is equal to their life span of one month – twice a year. Even though they pay to live here with their lives, the ongoing assurance of the safety of these people will not always be possible.

The citizens of Whole Cake Island have to deal with a mad and drowning ruler who does not care about the welfare of his citizens. When Big Mom desperately wants a certain kind of food, she enters a world called the Hunger Pangs that is violent and powerful enough to cause havoc throughout the city.

This dangerous situation will remain hidden behind us, striking at unexpected times. A peaceful, normal day for the entire Cake Cake Island resident will have the power to be spoiled by Big Mom herself. He can come out there and destroy everything – in fact causing fear among the people.

Another distraction is that everything is alive. The Whole Cake Island is surrounded by Homies – anthropomorphized objects, plants, animals, and soul-building structures born with the skills of Big Mom’s Devil Fruit. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Not only can there be an increase, but it can also be considered a complete violation of human privacy.

And, if someone is considered an enemy, these Homies can work together to plan their plot – the Straw Hats in The Seducing Woods are well aware of that. That is not just about a pair of fugitives with their eyes wide open. Then there is Charlotte Brûlée, one of the children of the Great Mother, whose Devil Fruit primarily gives her access to all the mirrors around Totto Land. One Piece

One Piece

Grandmother has many flaws as the queen of Totto Land in One Piece, but there are also the benefits of staying in her place. He is one of the four rulers, which clearly shows how powerful he is. This includes his family and staff, some of whom can conquer the entire island with the intention of collecting tea party ingredients. With this in mind, residents of Whole Cake Island need not worry about safety and security (or at least being attacked by outsiders).

Another combination of staying in Totto Land would be a great thing. Considering the composition of this place, there are many choices for food and drink. Citizens will never be hungry again. Additionally, one of the great things about the Great Mother is the way she pursues diversity and inclusion in her nation. After all, he wants it to be a perfect world where all races come together in happiness. Even if you are a familiar person in One Piece, this can be considered a rescue.

Living in Totto Land may sound like fun music, but there is a dangerous twist under it. Sometimes ignorance is joy or good may outweigh evil. In any case, anyone planning to stay on Whole Cake Island should think about it carefully. Because who knows, they may quickly regret it – and with a ruler like Big Mom, there is no going back. One Piece.


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