One Piece’s Strongest Straw Hats Are Luffy And Zoro

One Piece.” For several years now, it has been common knowledge among One Piece fans that the strongest members of Straw Hat Pirates are Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. They were known as the Monster Trio, and collectively, they brought down many enemies. However, the recent addition of staff puts a dent in the standard: Jimbei Fish-Man. Now, there is a debate among fans over who should take third place among the top three attackers. One Piece.

Vinsmoke Sanji has been the third strongest member of staff since joining after working as a volunteer chef at The Baratie restaurant. As soon as he joined Luffy at his events, it soon became clear that he was a great warrior and a master chef. Sanji was in charge of some of the lowest fighters so that his captain could focus on the leader, while Zoro was in charge of the second commander or the next strong fighter. Together, they would capture many enemies and succeed in their mission.

Over the course of two years, Sanji also learned that he could strengthen the force of his attack by creating flames in his legs. This increased his strength as a fighter, with his new tactics showing that he is a talented fighter. He is able to use flames not only to cause radial damage but also to divert enemy attacks.

Jimbei, however, interrupted that. His addition to the Straw Hats now has One Piece fans wondering if he will replace Sanji as the third strongest. He was the captain of the Sun Pirates, a team made up of Fish-Men. After becoming the second captain of staff, he eventually secured the position of one of the Seven Marine Commanders. One Piece.

Jimbei was able to deal directly with Ace, who uses Logia Devil-Fruit, and likened him to her. The two fought for five days before the war ended in a draw. Even among his fish-men, he is considered one of the most powerful. He’s a champion of Fish-Man Karate, so much so that he doesn’t even need physical contact with the opponent to send them flying on the battlefield.

So who takes the coat of the third most powerful warrior? It is very close, but Jimbei has the opportunity of time and knowledge for Sanji, sharpening his skills and transforming them into what they are today. Samji still finds out what he can do, and although he is not weak at all, he is still very young. He has just discovered his firepower, and while he has learned to use it in warfare, he still has time to move it forward.

Jimbei had that time, although there are still ways for him to improve his strength. They both use pure skills in their battle, but Jimbei is a master of his art. Sonji, while an expert in culinary arts, could hone his skills and learn new ways to combine his kicks with his flames. Until then, Jimbei has a few advantages over him as the third most powerful key to One Piece.


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