Shaman King Should Have Scrapped Most Disturbing Trait

“.Shaman King” Interestingly as it is, the re-launch of Shamaman King repeats the problematic features from the first 2001 anime and manga. One of them is the repeated death of a female hero in the American nation of Seminoa, in which the character is revealed to be an intel repository that will redefine the Shaman Fight tournament. There is no tone in such a male-dominated story; Sadly, a major mistake has been made regarding respect for women as this series fails to eliminate Ryu’s most disturbing feature: her misogyny.

Now, Ryu is not the most lovable or beautiful character in the beginning. He accompanies the gangsters as the leader of a gang in Japan, but honestly, these men are a child-like gang. That is why Yoh no co. I beat them to teach them a lesson, but most annoying is how Ryu gets into 13-year-old Anna. He grabs her and follows her officially, not caring that she is very important to Yoh, and says she is in love with another and a factor in the great failure of the anime. Shaman King.

Having sex with very young girls and having toxic men show them something that some kind doesn’t seem interested in getting rid of. And sadly, it does not end there like Ryu ogles and makes dirty comments about the legend of the leaf, Kororo, who is from Korokoro. At this point, it seems that once a man is a woman, they will fall into Ryu’s eyes and become a victim.

Shaman King

Even though he rescues himself and wants to be a hero, Ryu still keeps the situation dry. One might think that he could rub off the immaturity that would be associated with him by being a criminal, but he persists, which makes it easier because these are girls under the age of proposing what is clearly an adult man.

Also, it perpetuates bad beliefs and could not be easily shattered. Truth also talks about girls who love dresses with their legs showing off their sleeves, referring to Tao Jun, summarizing that Shaman King’s Ryu is not the one you want around women. He just has no boundaries, whether the ladies are related or have partners. Shaman King.

It is distorted and continues when he meets Tamao in the Yoh Asakura area. Ryu has no respect or moral compass, so all this lust makes it hard to listen to him as he becomes a better spirit. He stands out as one of those guys – they focus on code, being family, and trying to win the Shaman tournament against a deadly competition.

Sure, Ryu is passionate about winning with his Tokageroh spirit, but he is easily distracted by women and genuinely rubs Shaman King’s viewers in the wrong way by becoming an extremely powerful sexual predator. It’s a sad way because it’s interesting, you want to focus on the person who got the light – but any reconciliation is held back by this disgusting behavior. Shaman King.


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