The Detective Is Already Dead Ends Big With a Major Character’s Stunning Return

The Detective Is Already Dead aka Tantei wa Mou Shindeiru (Tanmoshi) is wrapping up his first season with the return of his heroine, Siesta, in an unusual way. Siesta’s knowledge not only controls Nagisa Natsunagi’s body to help defeat Chameleon but Season 1 also carefully ties all the character’s characters starting with episode 1. Major revelations at the end of the season can also set future episodes of The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2.

One of the big stories that come with a full circle at the end of The Detective Is Already Dead season concerns Nagisa Natsunagi and her link to Siesta. Since The Detective Is Already Dead episode 2 of the anime, Nagisa has been playing the role played by the late ace investigator. In Nagisa’s own opinion, continuing with Siesta’s career was her way of honoring her legacy and the new life she had been given, thanks to Siesta’s dedication to her heart.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Siesta’s former partner, Kimihiko Kimizuka, merged two and two to see that Nagisa was actually one of Hel’s alter egos. Despite being Siesta’s sworn enemy, Kimihiko doesn’t seem to know much about Hel, Nagisa, and Siesta himself. First, she seems unaware that Siesta has played a major role in simplifying Nagisa’s identity as her heart resides within Hel’s body; notable exposure.

The Detective Is Already Dead, Sometime after Kimihiko passed away fighting Hel last year, Siesta revealed that he had no intention of dying, but would wake up like Nagisa Natsunagi. He also admits he is dead and confirms at the moment that he has no intention of taking Nagisa’s body, stating that he is passing on his estate to Nagisa, Kimihiko, Yui Saikawa, and Charlotte Arisaka Anderson (aka Charl).

The Detective Is Already Dead

His last wish was for all four to work together as a team to deliver SPES. This is also the situation that Nagisa gave when the latter gave her permission to take her body to save Kimihiko from Chameleon.

She has a lot to say about Siesta’s relationship with Nagisa, first of all, she seems to know more about Nagisa than she admits. This is very likely considering that Siesta did not want to die but decided to accept his fate and hand over his estate to Nagisa in particular. This is a strange case of events considering that Siesta initially sacrificed himself to save Alicia from her immorality. It seems to suggest that Siesta may have always known who Nagisa was.

If Nagisa is not the new ID Siesta created after “meeting” Hel, similarly it is possible that Nagisa may have met Siesta some time ago. However, as someone who lives with Associative Identity Disorder, she is unaware of this. On that note, Hel mentioned back in Episode 6 that he knew little about Siesta, which means they have a shared history. This appearance continues to suggest possible connections with Nagisa – a potential issue that could be tested in The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2.

Another big issue wrapped up at the end of the season is the unresolved love affair between Siesta and Kimihiko, both of whom confessed their feelings on the battlefield last year. In the interview, they directly reviewed the time they drank together in London, which led to a one-night stand that no one is proud of. Kimihiko vehemently denies having had sex with Siesta, which could be a precautionary measure in the absence of explicit consent. The Detective Is Already Dead.

Siesta does not confirm or deny the one-night stand but confirms that – at least once – he may consider making love to her. This not only ensures that Siesta’s feelings for Kimihiko are naturally in love, but also that she is able to act on those feelings when her barriers are lowered. This is exactly what happened in London last year when Siesta – under the influence – invited Kimihiko to his bed, triggering a series of events that led to her having sex. Given the importance of the bedroom at this point, it is possible that the one-night stand may be revisited in The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2.


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